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University’s Virtues

  • ideal of the university, search for truth
  • essential mission, educational research
  • modern revival of Andong culture as a hub of Yeong-nam culture
  • trust, reverence, truth, devotion (selflessness, virtue, passion)
  • practice, fulfillment of responsibility, cooperation and sacrifice
  • creative ability and developmental attitude
  • establishing new history, contribute to social development

University Color

  • Color
    Yellow (Korean Color Standard name "Norang", code 5y9 14)
  • Symbolism
    sincerity, truth, enlightenment, hope, ideal, progress, grandeur, mystery

University Emblem

The emblem of Andong National University is the simplification of the English initials of Andong, A and D and concisely expresses the powerful image of Andong University to succeed in a competitive global world. In addition, the emblem implies the image of rivers and mountains which exemplify the geographical features of the northern Gyeongbuk area, the center of which is Andong.
The main color, blue, has the meaning of unlimited universal space and future vision. Silver color (or grey) symbolizes the state-of-the-art educational system and the aggressive spirit toward the entire world, which contains the will and ambition to develop people of talent for the twenty-first century.