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Undergraduate school

Time to Recruit: In June and November of Each Year

Eligibility for Admission as new students:

  • Koreans Residing in foreign countries and foreigners who graduate from regular high schools in Korea or in foreign countries.
  • Those who pass the Korean examination administered by ANU or those who have a certificate grade 4 or above in TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean)

Eligibility for Admission into higher Classes:

  • The two requirements mentioned just above for admission as new students.
  • Those who finished taking two or more years of courses in undergraduate courses in Korea or overseas.
  • Those who graduated or are to graduate from two-or-more year junior colleges or universities, or corresponding institutions in Korea or overseas.

Graduate school (Master's/Doctoral) Courses

Time to Recruit: In May and November of Each Year.

Common Requirements for Application:

  • Students whose parents are both foreigners, or Koreans or Foreigners who completed course of elementary and high school and undergraduate courses or corresponding courses.

Requirements for Master's Courses:

  • Those who finished taking regular undergraduate courses and have or are to have bachelor's degrees in Korea or overseas.

Requirements for Doctoral Courses:

  • Those who finished taking regular undergraduate courses and have or are to have master's degrees in Korea or overseas.

Korean Language Courses

Opening : In March and September
Applications : Those who finished courses of regular high school or above
Opreation : The Korean class courses at ANU are operated for 40 weeks, 800 classes - 20 weeks for basic course and 20 weeks for the intermediate course.

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