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Underqraduate School

Department of Information & Computer Science Education

[Introduction of Department]

It is required that students be trained and educated at an early stage to develop information communication skills because the information society is rapidly changing. In response to this trend, this department was founded in 1994 to produce computer teachers. The founding purpose of this department is to train and educate students to become competent computer teachers with good moral values and a broad and deep knowledge of major studies after finishing the course. The department focuses on practical education as well as broad knowledge of major studies for students to become competent teachers after graduation. Also, the department utilizes cutting edge equipment and develops various types of software for educational usage.

- Address
: Department of Information & Computer Science Education, Andong National University, (Songcheon-dong) 1375 Gyeongdong-ro, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, KOREA
- Phone
: +82-54-820-5640
- Fax
: +82-54-823-1766
- E-mail
: educom@andong.ac.kr
- Homepage
: http://comedu.andong.ac.kr
Position Name Academic area E-mail Telephone
ProfessorKang, Oh-HanParallel Processingohkang@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5641
ProfessorKang, Won-SeogNatural Language Processing, Information Retrievalwskang@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5642
ProfessorSong, Hee-HeonPattern Recognition, Neural Networkshhsong@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5425
ProfessorKwon, Bo-SeobComputer Communicationbxkwon@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5378
ProfessorKim, Byung-SoonMobile Communicationbsgim@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5649