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Underqraduate School

Department of Applied Chemistry

[Introduction of Department]

The department of Applied Chemistry offer courses in organic, physical, analytical, and environmental chemistry. The program concentrates on producing professionals who show promise and abilities in logical thinking with a reasonable comprehensive understanding in any related field such as to biochemistry petroleum, pharmaceutical, foods, cosmetics, electronics, chemical engineering, gas, environmental analysis, and other related fields.

- Address
: Department of Applied Chemistry, Andong National University, (Songcheon-dong) 1375 Gyeongdong-ro, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, KOREA
- Phone
: +82-54-820-5452
- Fax
: +82-54-822-5452
- E-mail
: chem@andong.ac.kr
- Homepage
: http://chem.andong.ac.kr/
Position Name Academic area E-mail Telephone
ProfessorLee, Oh-SeukComputational Chemistrynull+82-54-820-5455
ProfessorKo, Seong-OonChemical Technologynull+82-54-820-5456
ProfessorChoi, Jong-HaPhysical Inorganic Chemistryjhchoi@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5458
ProfessorHong, Yong-PyoOrganic Chemistryyphong@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5617
ProfessorRyoo, Keon-SangEnvironmental Chemistryksr@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5453
ProfessorLim, Woo-TaikPhysical Chemistrywtlim@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5454