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Underqraduate School

Department of Mechanical Engineering

[Introduction of Department]

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at ANU was founded in 1991. It is the most general and oldest field in the engineering division. The mechanical engineering courses consist of basic subjects and advanced level classes. Today, scientists and engineers dealing with many diversified technologies are required to have knowledge in many areas. The objective of the advance level subjects is to develop the talents of students who can design consolidated mechanical systems that are in demand in the modern technological society. Mechanical engineering deals with energy conversion and all aspects of the machinery that makes conversion possible. students are required to have fundamental knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, heat science, and skills in computer applications. Through the fundamental studies of hydromechanics, thermodynamics, solid mechanics, heat transmission, combustion, CAD/CAM, dynamics, control systems, materials, machine design and other subjects, students will become professionals in the field of mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers can have the opportunity to work in industries such as the automotive, heavy industry, fossil and nuclear energy, aviation, manufacturing, computer, plastic, chemistry, electronics, material production, glass, robot, and other modern industries. A teaching license will be issued after the completion of some education courses. The students can go on to graduate school for a master or Ph.D. to major in one of various specialized fields supported by the government. One specialized direction in mechanical engineering is to go onto graduate school for a masters or Ph.D.

- Address
: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Andong National University, (Songcheon-dong) 1375 Gyeongdong-ro, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, KOREA
- Phone
: +82-54-820-5495
- Fax
: +82-54-820-6127
- E-mail
: mecha@andong.ac.kr
- Homepage
: http://mecha.andong.ac.kr/
Position Name Academic area E-mail Telephone
ProfessorEom, Yong-KyoonHeat Transfer, Integrated Systemykeom@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5496
ProfessorKim, Heuy-DongFluid Mechanicskimhd@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5622
ProfessorLee, Ki-YongCombustionkylee@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5899
ProfessorLee, Jang-ChangFluid Mechanicsleejc@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5168
ProfessorJang, Bong-ChoonMechatronicsbjang@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-6158
ProfessorKim, Jong-YoungManufacturing and Fabricationjykim@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5669
ProfessorKim, Dae-Jinmaterial mechanicsdjkim@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-6128