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Underqraduate School

Department of Civil Engineering

[Introduction of Department]

Founded in 1995, the Civil Engineering department, even with its short history, has produced young, brilliant, and energetic engineers who are already working in important positions all around the nation. Civil engineering is about protecting life, providing convenience to human beings, and fulfilling the engineering objective to “realize a civilized culture” by preserving and developing the natural environment. In contrast to other types of engineering which concentrate on making products for consumers and aids in the production of the industry’s profitability, civil engineering focuses on products such as highways, seaports, airports, railroads, and bridges, and makes life for human beings more safe, convenient, and comfortable. The educational objective of this department is to develop the capability to understand the fundamental concepts and theories of civil engineering and to apply it in the field. Additionally, students are taught the responsibilities and ethics of a civil engineer. The main concentrations and research areas of this major are structural engineering, concrete engineering, foundation engineering, sewage engineering, and topographical information engineering. Careers in the field of civil engineering are booming because, as civil engineering was needed in the past to preserve the safety and wellness of human beings, it is still needed in the present, and it will continue to be needed in the future.

- Address
: Department of Civil Engineering, Andong National University, (Songcheon-dong) 1375 Gyeongdong-ro, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, KOREA
- Phone
: +82-54-820-5665
- Fax
: +82-54-820-5665
- E-mail
: cae@andong.ac.kr
- Homepage
: http://civil.andong.ac.kr/
Position Name Academic area E-mail Telephone
ProfessorBaek, SeungcheolGeotechnical Engineeringcivilb@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5470
ProfessorBae, SuhoConcrete Engineeringshbae@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5896
ProfessorShin, ShachulHydraulic Engineeringscshin@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5595
ProfessorLee, SangyoulCivil Engineeringlsy@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5847
ProfessorKim, ByungilConstruction Managementbkim@anu.ac.kr+82-54-820-6669
ProfessorJeon, JongsuStructural Engineering (Earthquake Engineering)jsjeon@anu.ac.kr+82-54-820-5666