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Underqraduate School

Department of Music

[Introduction of Department]

The Department of Music at ANU wants to be “The Place” where great musicians are produced. A great musician means a competent professional in his or her major. However, musician must have the talent to envision the direction for large-scale social changes. In order to train and educate students to become great musicians, the department works to save classical music from the threat of modern society and find new and aesthetic performance venues where artistic, academic, and high quality music can be reborn.

- Address
: Department of Music, Andong National University, (Songcheon-dong) 1375 Gyeongdong-ro, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, KOREA
- Phone
: +82-54-820-5550
- Fax
: +82-54-823-1626
- E-mail
: m5550@andong.ac.kr
- Homepage
: http://music.andong.ac.kr/
Position Name Academic area E-mail Telephone
ProfessorPark, Chang-Keuncellogragpark@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5555
ProfessorLee, Yei-Kyungpianoyklee@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5556
ProfessorKim, Su-Yeonpianosykim@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5557
ProfessorJo, Sung-Ryongcompositionnull+82-54-820-5558
ProfessorYu, Kwang-Mokviolinykm@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-5549
ProfessorLee, Kwang-Soonvocalangelo430@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-6152
ProfessorKim, Jin-Hocomposition/musicologysultasto@andong.ac.kr+82-54-820-6153