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The dormitory at Andong National University is proud of its cutting-edge information system and ultra-modern facilities. Moreover, the boarding expenses are very reasonable. In total the dormitory can hold up to 1,829 students, which is the highest capacity among all national universities. Notably, the Sky Lounge on the 12th floor of Garam-gwan has a beautiful birds-eye view that helps cultivate students’ emotion.

Garam-gwan (Female students)
  • Capacity : 896 students
  • Individual facilities : bed, desk, wardrobe, telephone, internet access(LAN)
  • Common facilities: laundry room, common area, etc.
Solmoi-gwan (Male students)
  • Capacity : 933 students
  • Individual facilities : bed, desk, wardrobe, telephone, internet access(LAN), bathroom, shower room
  • Common facilities: shower room, laundry room, common area, computer room, etc.

Student Center

The student center of Andong National University is located at the enter of the campus. It is a comprehensive welfare facilities that promotes the students’ well-being, autonomous activities and the convenient access to all welfare facilities.


The building in which the welfare facilities ate located for the members of the Andong National University

  • 1st floor :
    Korean restaurant, medical clinic, office of professor’s association, restroom of professors’ association
  • 2nd floor :
    Shinhan Bank, Post office, A-mart(stationery and snacks), beauty shop, optician’s shop
  • 3rd floor : conference room
  • 4th floor : nutritionist’s office
  • basement : book store, carpenter’s room

Solmoe Culture Hall

The Solmoe Culture Hall is where faculty members, students. And local residents can enjoy performances together. This building is a multi-purpose hall which was designated to hold a variety of events, such as lectures, music performances, plays, movies and so on. The Music Department holds their graduation concerts and professors’ recitals in this hall. The Fine Arts Department also holds their graduation exhibitions here. The Physical Education Department holds their dancing presentations and masterpiece movies are presented in the Solmoe Culture Hall for the students throughout the year. In addition, academic conferences, a variety of plays and concerts, and other performances are held to satisfy cultural needs for faculty members and students as well as for the local residents. The Solmoe Culture Hall is the very place where everybody can enjoy the cultural atmosphere on the Andong National University campus.

  • 1st floor :
    Grand auditorium contains a wide stage, preparation room, dressing room, and other subsidiary facilities, which can hold up 1,000 people. There is a audio-visual control room in the front.
  • 2nd floor :
    There is a mid-size room (150 seats) and a big-size room (300 seats), to be used when the capacity of the 1st floor is not enough. The walls of the rooms on the 2nd floor are movable so that the rooms can be used for the multiple purpose. There is an exhibition room in the front which can hold many kinds of exhibitions. Visitors can see and feel the cultural materials here.